My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

The beginning of my journey…

This is the beginning of my blogging journey. I hope to use this forum to keep family and friends updated on my 2 boys and also be able to test and review different products that pertain to children and families. 

Today we decided to venture out in the rain to Little Balkan’s day here in Pittsburg. We first headed up to the library for their book sale. I found several kids books for $.50 each which of course is great savings for books that are well taken care of. We then headed over to the petting zoo. it had stopped raining so we all went to see the animals. They had all kinds of animals from goats, zebras, camels, pig, kangaroo (he hid in his box the whole time), to other kinds of animals that I am not even sure what they were. Austin didn’t care for them at this time around. He didn’t even want to see the pig and he LOVES pigs. We then headed up to the Broadway Street where they had the vendors. Unfortunately since it had been raining so much there wasn’t much there and it only took us a short walk to be able to see all that they had. So off we went to head home. On our way we walked past the petting zoo and Austin gave his sign to pet the animals. So Louie (husband), took Austin in and this time not only did he pet the pig he also fed him. Thank you to the lady who shared their animal food with him. He then talked about it the whole way home which is by him snorting and making the petting sign. 

After lunch and nap Austin and Louie decided to go out and play in the mud. Why not right!! So while I was holding Alijah sleeping, I could hear a lot of giggles and yelling outside. I decided to go out and see how much fun was really being had out there. This is what I came out to.


This is the boy who didn’t like to get his hands dirty or touch the sand with his feet. Hmmm I think that is all changing. Here are a few more pictures of the fun muddy mess he had going.

ImageImageImageAs you can see he had a ton of fun. I think I am going to have a hard time keeping him out of water and mud puddles from this point on. This was our day and my first blog post. I hope everyone that is reading about our day has enjoyed. I hope to be able to keep this updated everyday. 


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