My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Dinner and Dessert

This evening for dinner Austin decided he wanted to help make dinner. I had decided to make breaded pork chops since I had left over oil in a pan from french fries last night. We started with breading the pork chops. Austin enjoyed helping with this. He was a great help making sure all the flour was on it then after I put the egg on he finished it up with adding the cracker crumbs. ImageImage


As you can tell he liked playing in the flour and bread crumbs more then actually breading it but it was fun anyways. He ended up with flour all over his arms and face. Cooking dinner was a success for Austin since he then ate all of his dinner. Dinner include Pork Chops, Mashed Potato, and peas. Of course we had to add ketchup to eat the pork chop but he ate it so that is all that counts at this point. 

After dinner we started chocolate chip cookies. The excitement of this is that Austin has yet to eat a cookie of any kind. So we start the recipe and again Austin was a big help and at times to much of help but we got it made. Here is Austin watching the mixer going. ImageImage


He stood there watching almost the whole 5 mins that it ran. After I baked them he tried his first chocolate cookie and it was love at first bite for him. He also enjoyed from milk along with his cookie. We still have 4 months but I believe I have a helper to make cookies for Santa this year!!

I can’t leave Alijah out of this post so here are a few of him that I took today. He enjoyed the day with mostly sleeping, being held, and a little bit of floor happy time. ImageImage


Tomorrow we will be working on chopping down a tree and making burgers for Grandma and Grandpa for lunch. Should be another day full of lots of help from my biggie boy.


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