My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Happy Labor Day!!

First thing: Happy Labor Day everyone!! I hope that everyone had a great day.

Our day started with a little tree cutting down. We have an apple tree in the back that was diseased and didn’t produce much fruit this last year and needed to be cut down. I was able to get a few estimate and the ranged anywhere from 700 dollars down to 275. My father in law said he thought he would be able to cut the tree down himself so we said ok. My Husband and his dad got to work first thing this morning. It was a little nerve wrecking just because it sat somewhat close to the house and a few branches actually reached onto our roof. So the nervous part came for the branches that were close to the house not wanting them to hurt the house or take out our back deck. With the skills and help they managed to get the whole tree down with no problem. We were also able to collect some firewood for our fireplace. It will smell really good this winter when I burn apple tree wood. Austin enjoyed watching as well. He was a little scared when he heard the chain saw but didn’t want to go in side at all either. Luckily Alijah took a good morning nap in his swing which allowed me to let Austin watch outside and keep him safe. Here are a few pictures of Austin watching inside at the beginning. 




A very special Thank You to my father in law for his help!!!

For lunch today I decided to make meatloaf instead of hamburgers. Of course Austin helped me cook today. He is really liking to cook and I tell him to get his chair and he is ready to go. Austin got to help chop up the carrots and onions in the ninja, which he does very well!!


 The meatloaf with all the stuff in it. I make mine with, hamburger meat, onion, carrots, bbq sauce, egg, cheese, bread, and bread crumbs. Austin had a very hard time keeping his hands out of this bowl.Image

 And then here is the finished product. Everyone thought it was pretty good. Austin had to have some ketchup with his but he eat a few bites. Still working on this eating more then just a few favorites. 


For dinner tonight we decided to do Pizza. Since I had to run to Dillons to pick up some grocery’s so Austin and I can make more cookies I grabbed a pizza from Papa Murphy’s. They have these mini murph’s for the kids to make their own pizza. I thought this was right up Austin’s alley so he made his own pizza. They have the option for just cheese or pepperoni. We went for pepperoni. I will just let the pictures show you the fun Austin had.ImageImageImage 

As you can see he just could not resist the pepperoni!!


Then we ended this day with a bath. I think we had another successful day cooking and hanging out. I hope that I can help Austin to learn to cook or even love to cook. Hopefully he will be able to take what I am teaching him know and be able to cook and help his wife one day!


I have a super cute video of Alijah smiling and laughing but I first have to get it off my phone. Right now he is crying and just needs his momma so I have to leave it at this tonight. I hope everyone has had a great day!!


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