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I have been using Swagbucks for almost a year now. It is really easy to use and easy to earn swag bucks. There are many ways to earn points from searching the web, surveys, daily poll, daily deals, shopping and many others. As you earn your points you are able to use them towards prizes. They have a swag store that have just about anything you could want or need. Swagbucks has gift cards, kids toys, electronics, books, jewelry, and many others. They also provide swag stakes which is similar to a raffle. 

In the time I have been using swagbucks, I have been able to build up Amazon gift cards. It is easy to get them. They are all electronic, so after you purchase the gift card you verify through your email then with in a few weeks they send you a code. All you have to do is take that code put in to your Amazon account and there is your money. I am saving mine to pay for Christmas. With Christmas only being 4 months away already having the money in Amazon it will be easy to get my Christmas shopping done with out the crowds or lines at the regular stores. There are many other options also for gift cards Amazon is just the one that I get. 

Here is the link: this should take you and get you signed up and start earning the swag bucks. There is also a referral bucks that are given so once you sign up get your friends to sign up and then just watch as your bucks start adding up. Before you know it you too will be able to pay for Christmas with just searching the web.  



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