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San Diego

Last year we tried to go to San Diego, but things fell through when changes happened at Louie’s work. So we had to cancel our plans and just wait and see when we would be able to go again. We were then able to schedule our vacation to San Diego for this past May. We had decided to go at the end of May beginning of June so that it would be warm enough for beach and Louie would have Memorial Day off and not have the extra vacation day to use. During this trip we knew there were some have to do’s and these are the things I’m going to talk about. If you ever get a chance to go anywhere I would highly recommend San Diego.

First thing is of course the weather. It was absolutely perfect. The highs were never above 80 degrees and the lows where right around in the 60’s. It was sunny most days with a few cloudy days but there was no rain and almost no humidity. Coming from the midwest where it is almost always super humid it was really nice.

Second is Sea World, I could not wait to go to Sea World. I think I was more excited about going here then anyone. The park had many different shows but were spaced out enough that you had time to get from one to another or pick and choice which ones you wanted to go to. Because we went on Memorial Day they had special night showings of a few animals which was different from the day performances which was nice. They also had many interactions with the animals that you could do.

  • You could have breakfast or dinner with Shamu.
  • You could swim with the dolphins or you could just reach over in their water and try and pet them. (If they swam by you you could touch them)
  • They had manarays there that you could reach in and touch.

I think my favorite show was the Dolphin show. They interacted and swam with them, along with had divers who dove and did different tricks of very high platforms. This show also had birds that would fly low right above our heads from behind us across the stage. Austin really enjoyed this show as well.

The Sea Lion was pretty good too. It was a comedy act so it was pretty entertaining. They did a good job of entertaining us while we waited for the show to begin. This show had a sea lion and a otter that performed.

Sea World was entertaining enough that we ended up going to the park 4 different times. We went to almost all the shows twice and each time was different then the last. The last time we went Austin got to actually touch the dolphin. We had tried all week but they never came close enough. This is well worth the money!!

We then went to the San Diego Zoo. I was super excited to go here but was a little disappointed on the size. I thought it was really big and they would have a ton of different animals. I thought we would need all day to get through it thinking it was really big but it wasn’t too big. We got there at open around 10 and was done by 3 in the afternoon. This was even going back to some of the animals. I felt like it wasn’t a ton different from the Kansas City Zoo which took us longer to go through.

Some of the animals that we really enjoyed seeing were the monkeys. Austin loves monkeys and makes the noise all the time. It helps that we have always called him our little monkey. We also go to see a polar bear that swam right up to the glass right next to Austin and Louie. They also had 2 panda’s that we got to see. One panda just gave birth just a month or so back which is pretty cool. There was many more animals there but those animals where our highlight.

While in San Diego we decided to catch a Padre’s game. We could get decent tickets and Austin was still free so we went. The night we went we got free jerseys and bandannas. Austin enjoyed bits and pieces of the game. He would stand or sit and watch a little then go back to either trying to climb out of our laps to play on the steps or play between the seats from Louie to the other person sitting in our row about 4 seats down. We said all baseball games we need to make sure we have 3 or 4 seats next to us open so we can play.

We also made it to the beach one day. We ventured down to Coronado Beach which is rated one of the top beaches in the US. It was super clean and huge. It was a pretty long walk from the side walk to the ocean through sand but I didn’t mind. I love the sand and beach so I was just super glad to get to go. I thought Austin would love it since he love the water and playing. Well, not so much. He would not put his feet in the sand at all. We had an extra blanket (luckily) that he had to stand on and play in the sand off of the blanket. He also didn’t want anything to do with the water. We took him down close and he just held onto us shaking his head. So needless to say we didn’t get to spend as much time as this momma wanted to at the beach. Hopefully sooner then later he will learn to like the sand and beach because I love the beach.

Well here is just a few places that I highly recommend if you ever get the chance to go to San Diego. Here are a few pictures from our trip.



I hope this helps anyone who is trying to figure out where to take their next vacation or who is heading to San Diego on a couple have to go places. We even did this trip with Austin being 17 months old and I was 8 months pregnant with Alijah. It is a very family friendly area.



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