My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.


Sleeping doesn’t happen very often in this house for this momma. Austin sleeps very well at night. He sleeps from about 9-9 give or take 30 mins. So I can not complain and really enjoy that. He still takes a nap but it can range anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on his day and his mood. So I can never count on an exact amount of time I have before he will be up.

Now Alijah only being 7 weeks is a completely different story as any and most newborns are. Some nights he has given me a 6 hour then every 2 or he has given me an every 2 hours or less through out the night. Two night ago he didn’t go to bed until 3 in the morning. I could not get him down for the life of me. I would get him a sleep but as soon as I would set him down he would start squirming and not stay asleep. Well, last night he gave me a 6 hour sleep in his crib. I got him down pretty easy but I didn’t think he was going to stay asleep. I went to sleep about 30 mins after I put him down fully expecting to get up with in a few hours. He did not wake up until 6 this morning. I did not wake up until 6 either. It felt really good getting a straight 6 hours of sleep. In saying this I am fully ready to be up most of the night. It seems like every 4-5 nights of waking every 2-3 hours we then get a 5-6 hour sleep. He likes getting swaddled so as long as he doesn’t fit it to much he sleeps pretty good. The times he gets up often is the nights he gets squirmy and kicks his legs like crazy.

Well, I hear a crying baby and I better go save dadda. I hope to soon figure out how to get my pictures from my phone onto the computer so I can post them on here. I have some really good ones of Alijah smiling that I want to share with you guys. I hope everyone has a great night and an even better Friday.




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One thought on “Sleep

  1. Samantha on said:

    If you have an iPhone or other smart phone you can just get the wordpress app and use your phone to blog. That way you aren’t stuck on a computer and can blog anytime anywhere and you can put the photos you have on your phone onto you blog without transferring them to a computer:) 99% of my blog is done on my phone:)

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