My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin feeding Alijah

Up until this point since giving birth to Alijah I have been nursing him and had not started pumping at all since I am with him 24/7. I decided I should pump so that I could try a bottle with Alijah and see if he would take it. See if there is a possibility to leave him for an hour or 2 with my mom. So I pumped the other day and decided to try feeding him today with the bottle. I Austin if he wanted to feed brother. He got so excited and could not wait to help. I told him to get on the couch which he then ran too. I put our boppy pillow on his lap so that Alijah could lay and be held at the same time. I then gave Austin the bottle and helped him put it in Alijah’s mouth. Austin sat there and held the bottle and fed Alijah the whole thing. Granted it was only 2 oz but still. It was so cute seeing my 22 mo old feeding my 8 week old a bottle. Alijah took the bottle very well so I think I will be pumping more if for nothing else but letting Austin feed his little brother.



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