My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Our normal Saturday after a crazy Friday!!

We had a crazy day Friday. It was mostly the evening but it seemed to never stop. I had a play date with a mommy friend which is a normal event that we all love to have. The get together is absolutely priceless. The craziness started around 3 or so. I knew a storm was blowing in but didn’t think much off it. I had gotten Austin down for his nap at 2 and had been working on getting Alijah down in his crib for about an hour when he finally gave up and fell into a deep sleep. I had then decided to jump in the shower. About 5 mins into the shower I could start to hear the thunder really getting loud. At this point I was just praying that the thunder and rain would not wait up either or both boys. While I was getting dress the storm I could tell was a good storm but not that I thought we should go to the basement. It lasted about 30 mins or so and then the rest was just some rain and wind. I didn’t think much of the storm until I started hearing a lot of reports of power being out all around me and trees uprooted. I really could not believe what I was hearing. I didn’t think the storm had that much strength to itself. I luckily was not one of the ones that lost power. 

Louie works for an electric company that supplies electricity to rural areas. They had a lot of outages and went into clean up mode. This means that he got to work late. I didn’t realize how late until it was 2 am and I was going to bed and still had no idea when he was coming home. 

During this time I have a mommy friend and blogger friend, (she introduced me to this blogging) that was out of power. She has a little boy herself so I offered for her to come over so they didn’t sit in the dark. They came over around 8 which allowed her son and Austin to play for about an hour before bed for Austin. So he basically had 2 play dates yesterday. He loves playing with other kids so it was perfect for him. I also got to hang out with my friend all night. They didn’t get their power back until 9 this morning. I am very grateful that I had power and that I was able to help my friend and enjoy her company last night. 

That was the crazy part now onto the normal Saturday. Luckily all that we had planned today was to go to the Pittsburg State University football game. Louie graduated from there and is getting his MBA. I graduated from a rival school but I have navigated my way to support his team and Austin loves the mascot which is a Gorilla so we have become big fans. The game didn’t start until 6 so that allowed us to get a few things done around the house and get the boys really good naps before heading out. O and Louie got to get in on the nap. I had to run to the grocery store so I am still go on about 3 hours. Austin woke up from his nap around 4 so we then got ready and the boys changed and in their shirts. We got a few pictures but as you can see from below Alijah was not happy getting woken up for this. Image


They did have fun. The whole way there which is only 10 mins Austin kept saying football. He was ready for game day. Alijah got to hang out with mommy in the moby wrap so he was nice and comfy and slept the whole time. We made it through the first half of the game. At that point Alijah was starting to squirm and Austin couldn’t sit still any longer so we decided to head home. The Gorillas did win the game 34-19 so it was a good game to attend. I am sure we will head to more games this fall.


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