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House Party

There is an awesome site I found that I wanted to share with everyone. This site is House Party go check it out. It is an easy sign up process to get logged in. After you are logged in you can go check out the parties that they are having and that you can apply for. There is several question for you to answer and submit your application then you wait. There is a date of when they will pick the applicants that got chosen to host the party.

Right now the hot one is the Halloween Party. This party is hosted by Kmart. If you are picked to host the party all you need to do is invite several of your friends over for a party. House party gives you all the supplies needed to host the party. The Kmart one gives a gift card to purchase to items from Kmart along with party favors to give to your party goers.

This is a great and fun opportunity for everyone to host a fun party enjoy the perks but also get to try out the newest and greatest products of the companies that you are hosting for. The excitement and wait the day of the reveal of who gets the party is very intense and exciting.

There are several way that you are able to increase your chances to getting the party. One way is to share their link on facebook. Another one is to tweet about the party and lastly is to start a conversation on the party page. All of these links are on the party page and really easy to share.

I am super excited and hopefully to get the Halloween party. I think it will be a ton of fun to invite some friends over to share with them the new costumes and halloween items from Kmart. Go check out their page and apply for those parties. Good to everyone and I hope we all get some parties!!



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