My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Milk and Food coloring

Like most of you I have joined Pinterest. I started searching for crafts that I could do with Austin. I am not very crafty myself so I needed things that wouldn’t take too much time, too many products, and easy enough for me to figure out. Well, I found a few and as we do them I will be posting them here and pinterest on how they worked out.

The first one that I decided to do consisted of milk and food coloring. Easy enough I can handle this. So I got some milk out that wasn’t going to get finished up before it expired. I put abut an inch or two in a large cake pan. 



I then put drops of food coloring into the milk. 



Then all you need to do is hand em a tooth pick or two and let them swirl the food color around.




At the end I went ahead and let Austin play with his hands. I can say that none of the food coloring stained anything. We had it everywhere and it all wiped right up.



After we were all done and before I dumped the milk down the drain I took a paper towel and put both of Austin’s hands on with. The milk and color made a print of his hands on the paper and towel and dried very well. It is now hanging up on the refrigerator. 

My thoughts on this craft is a A+. It was very easy to get together and didn’t take very many products to do. We also used milk that was going to go bad so we didn’t lose any extra money on milk. I have several more projects that we will be doing here in the next week or so. Don’t forget to come back and check it out.



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