My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Crazy Busy Weekend


Our crazy busy weekend started with a wedding and reception on Saturday. Louie and I decided to see if my in-laws would come watch the boys so that we could go to the wedding just the two of us. I think this was the first time that he have done this since Alijah was born. The wedding was very pretty and really personal which was a great touch to it. After the wedding we ran home to get the boys ready to head to the reception. Austin slept the whole time and we actually had to wake him up which is a good thing since we were going to be out a little later. Alijah on the other hand didn’t want to sleep. He fought it the whole time so we were not sure how he was going to do.

I had bought this dressy outfit for Easter and was hoping that he would be able to wear again for something. So we decided this was the perfect time. We got him dressed and decided that he didn’t have to wear the tie since it might be a little tighter on him. As you can tell from the picture he had other ideas. He insisted on wearing the tie. So the tie got put on and he wore it all night long.

At the reception Austin had a great time. He danced and ran around like a crazy boy. We let him eat some cake and mints so soon after the sugar kicked in and he was just everywhere. I had a hard time keeping up with him. Luckily Alijah slept most of the evening. It was so much fun watching Austin dance especially when a little girl decided that she wanted to dance with him. She took him by the hand out on the dance floor. It was super cute.


Sunday was also as busy. We started off the morning around 9 and heading to Kansas City for the Royals game. I has gotten tickets at an auction and we had decided to go ahead and use them this past weekend. This would ve Austin’s 3rd game and Alijah’s 1st baseball game. Austin could not wait to go. The whole 2 hour drive he kept saying baseball. The day was perfect it was very cloudy but a comfy low 70s with a little wind. Our seats were way high up but it was right behind the home base. Austin did very well making through the whole game. We were going to let Austin run around the bases after the game but the line was so long. It would have taken us at least an hour just to get to the field so we decided to pass. At that point Austin was getting pretty tired and Alijah was starting to stir and was wanting to eat.

After the game we were able to meet up with some friends for dinner that we hadn’t seen in a while. It was really nice catching up with them and seeing their little girl that has grown a lot since the last time we got to see them.

So this was our crazy busy weekend. I have a feeling that this fall with be non stop crazy busy weeks and weekends.



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