My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Finger Painting

I found some finger paints a few weeks ago. I decided to finally let Austin try it out. This particular finger paint is from Crayola. It said it was suppose to be mess free and only color on the paper that came with it. I thought it was worth trying out. I like anything that doesn’t leave me a huge mess with an almost 2 year old running around the house and a 2 mo old.

I put a small glob of it on a paper plate and let Austin go to town on the paper. He got right to work on his masterpiece. He really enjoyed it. I also helped him make some hand prints. He enjoyed doing that and seeing his hand on the paper. The price of this product was just a little under $10 dollars and we have used it twice and still have plenty left. So I believe it is worth the money.






I would purchase this again and would recommend it to anyone with small children that does not want a huge mess put still be able to have fun and get creative. We did this craft on the 11th and today he was asking me to do more so I think Austin gives it a A+.



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