My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin’s Birthday

So I know Austin’s birthday is still a few months off but I thought maybe I should start thinking about it. Last year we did a monkey theme since everything in his room is monkey and we call him our little monkey. We had just moved into our house a couple of months before so we didn’t have anything in the basement which left lots of room to set up tables and do everything down there. This year there is no room in the basement. So now I have to think about where to have the party as well.  I also ordered the cake from Celebrations by Lori and it was amazing. I love it and it tasted as good if not better then it even looked. I definitely want to order the cake from there again which means I better get going and get that done before she is booked for the weekend. This year picking the date to have his birthday is easy since his birthday is the 7th of December and falls on a Fri. 

Here are some pictures from his first birthday:Image ImageImageImageImageImage


So the pick question to answer is what theme we should do. I was thinking animals since he loves animals. The problem is do you do farm, zoo, safari, or just a mix of animals. He loves the pig and cow but also loves the monkey and lion. So how do I put all that together and it look ok? I haven’t figured that part out yet. I think I am just going to have to pick which way to go. Farm or Safari? Another question is how do I throw him a party that is way cheaper then it was last year. Last year I justified it more cause it was his first birthday and we had just moved. This year I think I need to be more crafty and try to make some of the directions and find things that I can make at a way smaller price. So a lot to figure out and I am afraid it will be here before I know it. I can not believe it is already the end of September. I can’t believe that my baby, my first born will be 2 already. Yes the terrible 2’s have somewhat kicked in but still can’t believe my baby is going to be 2. 

Well I am sure when I get more figured out I will get it updated here. Keep an eye out for more updates about it here. Also don’t forget to go check out Celebrations by Lori and like their page and check out all the goodies she makes and her classes that she has going on. I’m also open to suggestions if anyone as one leave me a comment and would love to hear ideas.



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