My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.


There is a new show on tv that is called Revolution. I have to say I am really enjoying this show but it really makes me think about our lives at the sometime. The show started off as a family getting ready for everything electric to go off. This means no phone, car, iPad, computers, lights, running water, fire trucks, law enforcement, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves basically life as we know it. the show then jumps to 15 years after and shows little communities that have gotten together to help live by farming, guarding each other, hunting and completely living off of the land.

So the question is what would happen to us if that ever happened. Would we be able to adapt? Would we have the supplies to last until we got the land planted? Would there be enough uninhabited land to use?

What do we do when the banks are not opened? What do we do when there are no credit cards? How many of us never carry any cash and solely rely on our plastic? Does anyone keep cash even just around the house in case banks are closed for extended period or closed forever? What about if our currency isn’t taken by anyone, when the paper bill is completely worthless. Who has a back up plan for money if needed? I have heard a lot more lately about gold. Having gold saved up just in case. If the banks crashed or closed here as they have other places still having the money in paper or gold to pay or barter to get what was needed

Does anyone have a backup of food? Food that will keep and not spoil or go bad in a short period? I know I try to keep extra canned food just incase power went out for a few days. I do not have enough to last our family for an extended amount of time. We would not be able to make it on just our small stash of food, while waiting for the food that was planted to start growing. When planting a garden it can take some time before it is producing any food let a lone a larger amount to feed several people or families. Then there is the hunting, can you hunt? Can you go out and kill an animal knowing that would be your only meal for a day or days?

There would also be the question of transportation. Going back to horses and carriage. There would no longer be any vehicles to use. If you needed to travel you would only have two options horse or by foot. There would be no fire truck to put out fires. There would be no cop cars to help keep everything civilized.

What about medicine? There would no longer be medicine for anyone. The small illness and accidents do cuts or broken bones to become huge emergencies that could end in death cause there was no medicine or medical help anywhere around. We would have to rely on home remedies that could be made off of the land.

These are just a few of my thoughts and wonderings of what the future would hold with no power what so ever. Now that I have 2 small children it makes me think maybe I should have more canned food saved up just in case. Maybe I should have some water bottled up and saved away just in case. Should we invest in gold or have cash on hand.

I know it kind of sounds far fetched for something like this to happen. Then again probably 10 years ago we probably never though someone would come up with the concept of iPad or self parking cars. Just a few thoughts of the what ifs and what could be.



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