My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Great Big Brother!!

Austin and Alijah are only 19 months and 1 week apart from each other. With them being so close in age I wasn’t really sure of how he was going to handle already being a big brother. Austin was also a very difficult baby. I nursed him until 12 months and did a lot of pacifying him as well. He also still took many naps with me a long with me having to rock him to sleep for nap and for bed time and then setting him down in his crib. We knew that after Alijah came I would no longer be able to rock him for bed and nap cause I would also need to be able to give Alijah what he needed. 

We started telling Austin as soon as we had found out that he was going to be a big brother and that there was a baby in mommies belly. Now granted I found out about 2-3 weeks before Austin turned 1. So I am pretty sure a lot of what we told him didn’t make any sense to him what so ever. But we continued to tell him. After we found out that it was a boy we started telling him that brother was in there. Around that time he started to interact with my belly. Not yet saying brother but he would hug and kiss my belly. When he started really talking right around the 7 month part he started saying brother. So he was somewhat understanding what this growing belly was it was Brother. He continued to kiss and hug brother which was the cutest thing. He knew well enough that he knew about an hour before we did that brother was coming and my water broke. 

After my long labor of 24 hours and having Alijah at 12:46 am it wasn’t until finally around 10 that Austin got to meet his brother. I could not wait for him to get there one because that was the first time that I had been away from him over night let a lone already 2 nights at that point. Plus I didn’t get to see him to much the day before cause we though it was all going to happen faster and didn’t want to bring him in and then make him leave when it was time to get to work. Austin came into the room bringing me 2 flowers and asking for brother. It was the most heartwarming thing and a realization on how special and amazing my big boy is. 

From the moment he saw Alijah he could not wait to hold him. He kept asking to hold him and looking for him. He gave him kisses and hugs just like he did when he was my tummy. He was way more interested in seeing brother and where he was then even seeing me after 2 days of being away. We have truly been blessed with a little boy who absolutely loves little his little brother and loves to hold, kiss, and hug him daily. There is not one day that goes by that he doesn’t want to hold him. Austin can’t ask to hold him yet but he will sit down and pat his legs and say brother it is super cute. So enough about how amazing my boys are. As if you can’t tell I do love my boys so much and very thankful that God has blessed us with two very healthy loving boys. 





These pictures are from tonight!!





This one is just a bonus one of Alijah. Look at how much he has grown and how happy my baby boy is!!



I hope that when we start planning the next one (a few years down the road) that both boys will adapt as well as Austin has to Alijah. I hope you guys enjoy seeing pictures of my boys and don’t mind me talking about them. They are my everything!!



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2 thoughts on “Great Big Brother!!

  1. Samantha on said:

    I’m really glad that Austin is a great big brother to Alijah 🙂 It’s always great when it works out that way. I was really worried about how Little miss would react to Baby K but she actually did really well and still loves on her sister a lot.. She was more upset with me when we brought baby K home, she didn’t want anything to do with me for 3 days 😦 Broke my heart. But everything is great now.. sorta.. lol.

  2. Adorable pictures. Austin is amazing and a really special kid. His love for his brother is plain to see. Alijah is growing up so fast. They are beautiful! I miss them!

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