My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Homecoming Parade

This past Saturday was another crazy busy weekend day. We started it out with the Girard Homecoming Parade and then followed it up with 3 birthday parties. The Girard homecoming parade we thought was going to be small in size but wanted to take Austin to a parade and also had one of the birthday parties over in Girard as well. The small parade ended up being a little over an hour long. So it was not all that small. Austin loved it though. He also stood there and watched the whole time. He really enjoyed picking up all the candy that was thrown to him. He wasn’t sure at first, he even throw back a few pieces before he got the hang of picking it up and putting it in his bag. I think he is going to really love the next two parades that we will be going to as well. This was also Alijah’s first parade and he loved it so much he slept the whole time!! Here are a few pictures from the parade.





When the band came by he just couldn’t help but dance along with them.




Here is Alijah sleeping through the parade. 



I want to say a Happy 1st Birthday to Josiah. He had an awesome ducky birthday and we all had a great time celebrating with him. I also want to say Happy 1st Birthday to Autumn. She is our playdate buddy and had a great time at her party. We were sad we had to leave early for Austin’s nap and other birthday party. 

I also need to send a very special Happy 2nd Birthday to Lillian Faith. Lilly is Austin and Alijah’s cousin and is only 2 1/2 months older then Austin. We didn’t get to celebrate with her this past weekend but plan to when we go to visit them in a few weeks.



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