My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Black Friday

I thought I would search online and see if there were any Black Friday ads that I could find yet. Sure enough I did find some. Actually there was a lot of them. I remembered using this site last year it is gets Black Friday ads up pretty quickly and covers about any and all stores that you could image. Last year we only did a little shopping on Thanksgiving night at Walmart and the rest we did online since Austin was still little and we didn’t want to get him up early and/or up all night long. Louie’s grandpa had passed away earlier that week so we weren’t really in too much of a shopping mood. This year I think we will try to go again. With Austin’s birthday being at the beginning of December I have to shop for his birthday along with all of Christmas. 

So it is time to start looking and making my lists. I have 3 main lists. What I want, What we need, and What we have to get. I just noticed at the bottom of their page they also have app for both iPhone and Droid. I will be downloading that onto my iPhone once I go back up stairs. That will make it easier to see all the deals and making my lists. Go check out all the ads and see what you are heading out to get, or going to site and order online.



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