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With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would make a post about I know that a lot of shopping is now done on line for the holidays, I included. I found a few years back and is a great website to use when buying online. Ebates works buy giving you cash back for purchases that you make. All you have to do is go to look up what store you are wanting to order from and then it will tell you what percentage of cash back that you will get for going through their site. Make sure that you click on the shop now you will see it bring up the the website and then you shop away. You do not have to do anything else from the point. After the purchase goes through you will receive an email that tells you how much cash back you earned for the purchase.

Ebates sends out a check several times a year with your cash back earned. I love receiving my ebates checks. It is a little bonus getting them in the mail. When you planned to spend a curtain amount of money and then are able to receive some of the money back it is a huge bonus. I love this site and you will to once you start using it. We get back over $30 just from using it to book our hotel from for our San Diego trip. I order from Snapfish all the time and always receive money back from there as well. They have hundreds of sites that they give cash back and also able to give different coupons for the site. Go check out all the different ways to save the money and get a check several times a year.

When you sign up for and make your first purchase you will also be sent a gift card to one of four that you get to pick from. Right now that you have a great deal for referring friends. For the 1st person that you refer and they sign up you get $25 and then $5 for everyone after that. Then after 5 you get $50 dollar bonus. What great timing to get a bonus for the holidays.

If you buy online at all go check this site out. It is well worth your time to sign up that only takes a few minutes. It doesn’t much time to go through this site to continue shopping just like you were going to do anyways. If you are also a blogger like me you can earn up to $11,000 this holiday season just from referring people to their site and them signing up. So head on over to and get signed up and start saving on your Christmas shopping.

When you head over and sign up for please put in into the referring email box. This blog site will not allow me to link up the page for you to go straight to the referring page. I would greatly appreciate the refers and can’t wait to see who all gets signed up and starts saving that money for the holidays.



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