My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Battle of the Sexes

This last Saturday we had a house party and played Battle of the Sexes. I had mentioned before about a website called and there you could sign up to through a house party for different products. Well I was selected to host a party for the Battle of the Sexes game. 

This is a super fun game. There are questions that you ask each teams. Teams being all males against all female. We didn’t fare so well but had a ton of fun playing. There are several different cards that have questions on them and the girls questions get asked to the males and vice versa. There are also cards that are move cards. These cards are ones that you have to act out. Those where also a lot of fun and get everyone involved. Here are some pictures of our fun and don’t forget to go visit and get signed up and applying to host your own house party. 







If you are a board game player and want a fun game to play I would recommend this game. This would also be a great Christmas present!!



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