My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Alijah the pumpkin

So I had posted in a earlier post about how last year we bought a large pumpkin and put Austin in it. I wanted to do it this year and find pumpkins that would fit Austin in one and Alijah in another one. We headed out to Dillons Supermarket to see what we could find. It is very hard to tell if a pumpkin will be big enough or not to fit a toddler or even a baby in it. We bought three and thought that we had good size one for both the boys. After we got home we put Austin down for a nap and Alijah napped and hung out with Louie. I started to carve out the pumpkins to have them ready to go after the boys woke up. I was trying to decide how big of legs I needed to cut out for Austin’s legs and thought the pumpkins where all ready to go. I thought looking at them they would be perfect. Well I was a little wrong. The littler pumpkin for Alijah was way to small and he didn’t fit. I then tried to put him in Austins and he fit. I even got his legs out the holes that I had made. We decided that seeing how tight he was that there was no way that Austin would fit into the pumpkin. So this year Austin lucked out and didn’t have to sit in a pumpkin. We did get a few pictures of Alijah in the pumpkin. He was well lets just say not very thrilled with the idea. I think the picture is super cute of his first thought of the pumpkin. After we took him outside he did pretty well. Here are a few pictures from Alijah’s turn in the pumpkin.






So this is Alijah in the pumpkin. (He was only upset for about 30 secs) He enjoyed getting out and getting a bath more then he enjoyed his time in the pumpkin. He did great though for that short time. I think he also got his first taste of pumpkin!!



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One thought on “Alijah the pumpkin

  1. This makes me smile! Believe me.. we had to do a LOT of funny sounds to make our little pumpkin baby happy.. and she was not happy the entire time. 🙂

    Love your blog!

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