My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.


Happy Halloween yesterday! We had a pretty good very busy day. We had play date in the morning for a couple of hours which was nice. Soon after is when it started to get pretty busy. I tried to put Austin down for an early nap around 1 right after lunch. Well that didn’t work out so well. He decided to talk and just hang out in his crib instead of sleeping. So for about an hour and a half he just played with his stuffed animals. He may have fallen asleep a little only because for a bit it was quite but that was it. Around 3, I started getting the boys in their costumes and ready to go see Daddy. We headed out to Louie’s work to visit and everyone there just thought he was super cute. He walked right in and right to daddy’s office. I guess we have been there a few times. He was a little shy around people but I think a lot of that had to do with no sleep. After we left there we had to stop and see Grandma at home and poppa at work. Austin and Alijah totally scored there. Grandma and poppa totally hooked them up with all kinds of stuff. Austin got a ton of stickers that he loved playing with today.

After we left there we then headed to FX Studios. They started a few years ago offering to take pictures of everyone in their costumes to get trick or treaters out to their studios. We used them to use all of Austin’s 1st year pictures and love them. They are super nice, work great with the kids, plus they are super patient. We got some awesome pictures of Austin in his Cookie Monster costume and a few really good of Alijah in his cookie costume. Annie was great and didn’t rush through any of it. I even had to nurse Alijah while we were there to get a few good pictures of him and she had no problem with it. If you need a photographer around the Pittsburg area you should check them out!

After leaving the studio we then ran and got dinner and went to the YMCA trick or treat. When we walked in they had little bags with some fliers and coupons in it and then a tshirt for the boys. There are both a little big (ok a lot big) but it was pretty cool getting a shirt that they will grow in from Alijah’s first trick or treat and Austin’s second.

After we got home I noticed there was still a lot of houses that had front porch lights on and a lot of trick or treaters out so I thought we would join in. I don’t think I have ever trick or treated door to door so I really wanted to take the boys. That and we also don’t know many neighbors so it was good seeing who loved in the houses by us. Austin jumped onto the back of the double stroller and I ended up just carrying Alijah. It took a minute for Austin to get the hang of knocking and getting the candy. The first several houses we went to he knocked and when they came to the door he tried to go in. It was so cute. I think next year we will have a pro on our hands. He was saying treat so next year I think we will get him saying trick or treat and Happy Halloween.

Over all I think we had a great Halloween. A super busy Halloween at that but well worth it. Both the boys decided to sleep in until close to 10 this morning so I know they were tired. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!



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