My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Day 5 of Thanksgiving

Today I am super thankful for my two very healthy boys. God has blessed me with two amazing super cute, super active, crazy kids. Austin is really starting to become his own little person with big personality. I love all the words he is learning and coping everything that is said. He understands so much and just shocks me sometimes that he knows stuff that I don’t have any clue where he learned it. I love how he still loves giving me hugs and kisses and wants me to rock him for a bit before he goes to sleep. I know those are going to go away at any minute and I take in all that I can from him while he is willing. Austin is very loving and very caring of his little brother which to me is just amazing how at not even 2 he knows he is suppose to protect and love his little brother.

Alijah is the happiest baby there is. He is always smiling and so easy to get to smile. I love being able to talk to him and immediately I get a huge smile out of him. He is just now starting to really laugh and talk which is super cute. He gets a high pitch squeal out which just puts a huge smile on my face. He is starting to really show his personality and I think he will be the lovey very passionate boy. I know Alijah will also love his brother very much and when he starts crawling those two will be inseparable.

I love my boys with all that I have and love every second that I get with them.










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