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Scentsy Product

Today I received a package from Scentsy. In it had a warmer plus 3 scents. This was sent to me for my honest opinion review of the product. I was excited for this opportunity to review this product and let others know what I thought about it. Today I will share my first thoughts of it and pictures of what I got to review. Then in about a week I will post a new blog about my review and compare my first thoughts with my after using thoughts. I will also be hosting a giveaway after my review for a warmer so please follow and keep checking in so you don’t miss that amazing giveaway. It will be just in time for Christmas.

I got the box today and was excited to see what was in it. On the outside of the box it had their logo along with fragile written on it. For the most part the delivery guy did a pretty good job keeping the box looking good. When I opened it it was well packed. There was paper wrapped around the big box with the warmer in it and then in the space the 3 scents where at. This kept everything from shifting while being handled.




The warmer that I received was the Charity Full-Size. I love the design of it. It is super pretty and think it will really stand out when it is lit up. It came with a light bulb which is a 25 watt bulb. This size warmer can handle the Scentsy bars and Scentsy Bricks. It plugs into the wall and is a easy switch on and off.



I also received 3 scents to go with it to review:

1st: Love Story- My first thoughts of it that it is a light smell. It is not overpowering at all. I think this will be that warm comfort smell that you wake up to and just relaxes you.


2nd: Just Breathe- My first thought of it was closer to a very minty smell. It reminds me of how Vicks smells but not that strong. I am not sure how I feel about this one. I am hoping that when it warms it will leave me wanting more of the scent.


3rd: Black Ruby- My first thought is that I am excited for this scent. I think this will be my favorite out of the three. It is a rich homey smell to it. It isn’t too fruity but has a hint of a fruit. I think this one will be a stronger smell warmed up. A smell that will stick with you and make you want to go back into the room.


I am excited to review these products. I will take the next week to try each Scent out and will post after that my full review of the product. Don’t forget to check back for that plus the giveaway and chance to win your own Holiday Warmer.

Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine and may differ from yours. I received this product from Rhonda Newman for my review and thoughts. 



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