My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Day 9 of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful to all of my friends new and old. I have lived quit a few place and I still  have friends from everyone of those places. I miss all of my PA friends and hope soon I will be able to catch up with a few. The ones that I see a couple of times a month from Joplin and those who I am friends with and becoming even better friends with over here in Pittsburg. I appreciate every single one of you guys. Each and every one has shown be something new and has brought something amazing to my life and that I am so grateful for. I try not to take any of my relationships for guaranteed and if I haven’t said lately how much I love and appreciate you as my friend I would like to say it now. You guys are amazing and help me to be a stronger me, mom, and wife and that I can never repay.

Thank you!!



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