My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

A post only a mom would love!!

So Austin will be 2 on Dec 7th. We haven’t started potty training yet but he does like to go on the potty to pee here and there. I bought him a new potty and he hated it so we stopped using it. Well tonight he came to me and was saying poop and grabbing his bum and kind of had that pushing face. So I asked him if he had to go potty and if he wanted to go on mommy’s potty. He had to think about it at first and then decided he did. I was holding Alijah which was sleeping so Louie had to take him. Austin went potty and not only did he pee he also pooped in the big potty. He has peed before and only pooped once because I caught him in the middle and put him on the pot. This time he did it all on the potty and didn’t want down until he was finished. 

So I think it might be time for potty training. I wanted to wait until Alijah was a little older so that I could have free hands to be able to run him to the potty when needed. It kind of looks like Austin might just potty train himself though which is fine by me. We will see though. He has been doing this and interested in the potty for probably about 4-6 months, fingers crossed that it will be easy to get him fully potty trained. 




If anyone has good potty training tips I would love to hear them!! I could use all the help since this is my first. 



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