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Alijah 4 mo check up

I have a small little boy!! He only weighed 12lbs 10.5oz and is 24 1/2 in long. He went from 25% weight at birth, 2 mo went to almost 50% and now at 4 mo he is around 20%. So doctor would like for me to start giving him cereal. My plan was to wait until closer to 6 mos of even further before giving him anything other then breast milk. So not I am torn. Do I start him on cereal to help get his weight up or do I just keep feeding him and eventually I know he will catch up and be here he needs to be unless he will just always be that skinny boy.

I don’t think he will eat the cereal from the spoon and I am against giving him cereal from the bottle so I’m not even sure if he would get any in him. (My opinion, and no problem if that is your choice) Part of the problem is he spits up a lot. He pretty much spits up from feeding to feeding. The Dr also said we could try pravacid but again I hate to give him a medicine when it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Alijah is a very happy smiley baby and no matter how much he spits up he still is smiling. I hate to give him medicine this early in his life when he doesn’t seem to have much problem with it.

So what to do? Should I try cereal and just chalk it up to this is what has to be done. Or continue to nurse him for another month and just see if he is hitting a growth spurt late. Any ideas or suggestions are very much welcomed!! Help!!

Austin never had this problem he gained 5 lbs from 2-4 months and another 5 months from 4-6 months so weight was not his problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.




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One thought on “Alijah 4 mo check up

  1. Carrie Harter on said:

    Hey, I remember going through something similar with Chrysanna. We gave her grits with butter to bulk her up and whole apple juice (not watered down). I wouldn’t stop nursing, I would give the cereal a try, you could even mix it with juice if you didn’t want to pump. Conrad ate yogurt off of a spoon just fine at like 3 months, so he may surprise you. It may not stop him from spitting up tho. I am with you, its hard to want to give your little one medicine, maybe you could try going dairy free, or gluten free to see if that is causing him to spit up. Either way I will be praying for you that your baby Alijah is healthy and continues to be happy.

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