My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Day 19 of Thanksgiving

I am very thankful for my van that I feel like I live in some days. We decided to trade in our car and get the mini van a couple of months before Alijah. We had decided that it would be way too tight with two car seats and we wouldn’t ever be able to take anyone with us anywhere. So I looked online for sometime and it was between the Chrysler Town or Country or the Dodge Grand Caravan. I found that the Dodge Grand Caravans were a little less in price but noticed that not many dealers around here had very many in stock. I found a Dodge Grand Caravan at a dealer in  Joplin MO and went to look at. I had saw it online and it was the right price and the right look. It was a little higher then what I would have liked for the miles but it would work. After I looked at and talked to the guy he had said that the van had already been bought but it just happened to fall through and that they don’t keep that kind of van on the lot for long. I brought Louie back the next day to look at it and we decided to get it. 

The pros to the van:

  • Space, there is  plenty of room for everything and extra people.
  • Love the 2 bucket seats in the middle and the bench in back
  • Bench in back is split into 2 seats so you don’t have to have the whole bench up or down.
  • All of the seats stow and go. There is no taking them out or putting them back in.
  • I have room for my double stroller to fit.
  • I feel safer with the boys up higher. 
  • The middle windows open up and down.
  • The windows on Driver side and passenger side I have automatic up and down from my controls for both sides. 
  • Heated side mirrors (haven’t gotten to use these yet but excited to)
  • Pedals move in and out.
  • Tons of storage area.
  • Lots and Lots of room
  • Love the windshield wipers. They work amazingly
  • Bucket seats can be moved up and back.


  • Driver side lock doesn’t work so it already went out at just 70,000 miles.
  • Not as good gas miles as the car.
  • The van gets way to messy!!
  • To as easy to reach either of the boys. 
  • No remote start (had it on the car and loved it)
  • No automatic back door.

I think that is about it. As you can see way more pros to cons. I love my van. If you are looking for a van I would highly recommend you looking at the Dodge Grand Caravan stow and go!! It is amazing and easy to drive. It rides really nice as well. 



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