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Scentsy Full Review and Giveaway

I posted about a week or so ago about my first thoughts of Scentsy.  Since that point I have been using my warmer and trying at all the scents that I received to review.

First thing is the warmer, I am loving the look of it. It goes really well in my room. It lets off the right amount of light. I would compare it to a night light. Just the right amount of light. The Warmer is the Charity Full Size Warmer. It is neutral in colors so it would go in a lot of rooms and match a lot of different colors.



The first scent that I tried was the Just Breathe. My first thought of it wasn’t that great. I really wasn’t sure that I would like it at all. It actually was not too bad. It took just a little bit of time to get used to it and it quickly grew on me. The scent made me think of a good study, office, or relaxation spot. If you have that spot or room that you like to go in and just relax and take those deep breathes this is the scent to have.



My second scent that I tried out was the Love Story. My first thought of it was that I was going to like it and I totally did. I liked it as soon as I put it on. It quickly filled the room with a very lovely but soft smell. It wasn’t over powering but it would give you that quick sniff of it here and there. It kind of smelled like that first day of new flowers smell. Those roses that you like to smell over and over again. That is this scent!! I think this scent would go well in the bedroom, main living areas and even in the bathroom.



The third scent that I tried was the Black Ruby. My first thought of this one was that it was going to be my favorite and it was! I really loved this scent. It has a rich smooth smell to it. It wasn’t over powering but you knew when you walked into the room that it was in the air. I could definitely tell when my husband would turn it off. I of course would quickly turn it back on. This would be my scent that I wanted in my bedroom. It would also work for about any other place in the house. This is a must have scent!!



These scents that I have pictured are called Bars. These bars are broken into 8 sections within the plastic container. This allows you to put in as much or as little as you would like in to the warmer. I put a square at a time in because I was on a time frame to try them all. To my surprise, that one little square lasted a very long time. I kept looking at it and couldn’t believe that there was still some in there. I thought for sure that a square would only last a few days. I ended up having to dump the melted wax back into the container and clean out the warmer to try the next scent. You can see the first two scents the square that I poured back in is a little different colored and isn’t as high up as the rest that are in the container. I am still shocked looking at it how little it used for how long I had it in the warmer.

When I changed the scent I just poured it right back into the part that I took it out of. I then used a paper towel and wiped all that was left out. This worked really well and it only took a few minutes to change to another scent.

There are several ways to get Scentsy. Because this review is for a Scentsy Consultant all of the following is based off of my experience with her along with what she offers. Rhonda Newman has been amazing help. She has been very quick to reply and answer any questions that I have had. She is very personal even though we have never met in person. Rhonda is very easy to get a hold of and I feel very confident that if I had a issue of any kind that she would be quick to help and resolve any problems that came up. Rhonda also offers Basket Parties. These parties are great for those who want to earn free product but do not want to have a house party. Here is a little bit about Rhonda’s Basket Party:

A basket party is like a catalog party, I provide you with all the things you will need such as: order forms, catalogs, host info and a small tote that includes all the favorite scents just smaller versions, they’re wonderful and easy to take anywhere, like to the grocery store, doctors offices, work, family & friends etc. you can honestly take it anywhere and sell to anyone, and you will receive all the free gifts you would at a home party, you will get one week from the day you receive the basket party, if you need a little more time just let me know. Its no problem. 

After you’ve gotten the orders filled out you send me back the yellow copies and I put in the party ( make sure if they pay by credit card that that info is on a separate sheet of paper with the CVV, expiration and card number and name on the card, that way I have it and can shred it when I’m done) If the party is over $150 all of your guest get free shipping if not they each pay shipping. (usually parties go past $150 so don’t worry about that) If you need the shipping cost info I’ll include that in the basket. 

I pay for the shipping both ways so you don’t have to worry about anything but sharing the products with friends. I can also set the party up online as well if anyone wants to order offline. 

 If you would rather just host a Book party we can do that as well, I would just send the catalogs, order forms and some samples for you to use. 
I am very happy with Scentsy and I think that it is a great product. I do believe it is well worth the money since it will be yours to use for years and years to come. It is also great for those places that you are not allowed Candles. Scentsy would be a great Holiday gift for those that live in dorms, assistant living, hospitals, moms with small or big kids, and everyone in between. I know I got rid of almost all my candles when I started having kids cause I would never be able to light them with them around. The warmer I am able to always have on and have no worry about my son getting burned from it.
Rhonda also would like to spread the love and has the cutest Full Size Premium Warmer to give away. After the end of the giveaway and winner has been verified and emailed, the winner will get to pick out 3 scents to go with their warmer. What a great early Christmas gift for yourself!!

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Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine and may differ from yours. I received this product from Rhonda Newman for my review and opinions.  


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9 thoughts on “Scentsy Full Review and Giveaway

  1. I am in LOVE with Scentsy! I love coming home and walking in my door smelling amazing scents! It never gets old… It’s always fun there are so many scents to choose from.
    I would love the Jane Full Size warmer because it looks so warm and welcoming and it really just looks like a mini Scentsy fire place in front lol 🙂 it’s just adorable!
    A scent that I have been wanting to try is the Eskimo Kiss Bar… I feel like a blackberry and brown sugar mix sounds delightful!

    P.S I loved your review… Thank you for sharing 🙂 I am currently warming silver bells (smells amazing btw…)

  2. Anna Lance on said:

    You are doing a wonderful job with your reviews, Kim. I especially enjoyed reading about the scents. I have several Scentsy Warner’s and love them all!

  3. I also love this product and also purchase from Rhonda at her site I have purchased numerous times and can’t say enough about the product or Rhondas wonderful attitude and customer service.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

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  6. Kim Temen on said:

    I love scentsy! I have tried over 30 scents and some of their other products as well. It is very high quality and there truly is a scent for everyone. The consultant Rhonda is awesome!! She knows here product, answers questions immediately but what I love most is what a truly great woman she is. She gives back to her community and is a wonderful wife, mother and friend.

  7. i would love to have the peppermint dreams scent in my house!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. Black Ruby sounds yummy!

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