My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Flying with 25 month old and 6 month old

At the end of January I am flying out to see my sister and family in PA. I will be taking both boys with me. Austin will be 25 months and Alijah will be 6 months old. I have traveled with Austin since he was about 6 months old going back to PA a few times along with our big flight to San Diego this past May. He is an awesome flier and have had no problems at all with him. This will be Alijah’s first trip on the plane.

So the big questions are how do I juggle everything needed. My sister doesn’t have any car seats so the first is figuring out what to do with 2 car seats. I thought that I would have Austin sit in his since he has his own seat on the plane and that would keep him in his seat and not trying to jump in my lap that will already be very full. Not sure if I want to just ship the car seat up and back on the plane or do I want to buy a car seat and have it shipped to my sisters and then just have to bring it back on the plane?

Second question is do I want to take the double stroller or try to juggle them both in just a small umbrella stroller? Trying to decide if it would be easier to put Austin in the stroller and wear Alijah or would putting Alijah in the double stroller where Austin also gets to stand or sit on be faster or easier? I’m not sure if I have enough time to make it worth wearing Alijah through the airport and trying to get him in and out of the Moby Wrap while on the plane.

My third question is how do I juggle all the stuff plus both boys? I would have both boys, diaper bag, extra bag of stuff (snacks, books, toys, iPad) stroller, and car seat. The car seat that I have to juggle would be the bigger convertible car seat.

I also have a lay over that is only about an hour or so both ways. So not that much time to get from gate to gate that is hopefully very close to each other.

So I need help and feedback from all you traveling mommas out there. How do I do all this and still get there sane. Please comment and give me ideas and/or pass this along to mommas who could help. I need any and all suggestions to make this flight smooth or at least make me believe that I can do this and don’t go crazy along the way. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!!




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2 thoughts on “Flying with 25 month old and 6 month old

  1. Traveling with small children can be frustrating! I’ll be in the same boat as you soon, flying with a 3 yr old and an 8 m old. My plan is to wear my daughter on my chest and push my son. I’m taking a single stroller and checking it at my gate. I’m checking the carseats and large suitcase so that I don’t have anything else to juggle. Hope this helps!!

  2. To make things more manageable when I fly with both kids is usually put my oldest in a carrier while I push the younger one in the umbrella stroller. Most airlines won’t let you gate check a double stroller, so you might want to check on that before you leave. Another thing is that most airlines will let you check in the carseats free of charge if you are traveling with kids and don’t count it against your luggage allowance. If that is the case – check them both. Some carseats are not allowed in the cabin, you’ll have to check if yours is an “approved” carseat. In addition to the diaper bag for the little ones with all of the essentials (snacks, diapers and the obvious), I let the older one carry a small backpack with his books, toys and iPad. To make things more manageable, I always do curbside check in and pay the guys to help me with my luggage. You tip them around $1 per bag and it is seriously so worth it! I will be tackling a trip in two weeks with my now 3 year old and 11 month old and it’s an international 18 hour flight.

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