My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Crazy Busy Week coming

This next week is going to be super crazy busy. We will start out our week on Monday with MOPS. If you haven’t not heard of MOPS you definitely need to check it out!! Then on Tuesday we are bringing and visiting with friends who just had a baby not too long ago. On Wednesday we are leaving Alijah with my mom for a few hours so Just Louie and I can take Austin to the Christmas Circus. I can not wait to go to this and I can’t wait to see how much Austin is going to love it! Then Thursday brings our second Christmas Parade. It is suppose to get cold again by the end of the week so hopefully it isn’t too cold. Happy 2nd Birthday to Austin on Friday. On Saturday is his birthday party that I am also excited about. I think we even got a horse to stop by.yay!!

So as you can see it will be super busy but I plan to keep up posting and I definitely will have a lot of stories and pictures to share. Mainly the Circus and his Birthday party I’m super excited for. Austin is getting to the age to be excited about things and really enjoy them. He keeps saying it’s his birthday and that he is 2. It is super cute. Not to bad for a kid that didn’t say more then a handful of words up until about 2 weeks ago.

Come back and check out my blogs next week. I should have some good ones coming!!


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