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A Must Have for Nursing

I was talking to a new mom today and she was talking about finding a bra that would fit while her milk was still coming in so I of course had to jump in and tell what I always use. I use nursing tank tops and LOVE them!! They are the best thing to have and use while you are nursing. 

I have been living in these tanks for almost 2 years with about a 4 month break while I was pregnant but not nursing my oldest anymore. The ones that I love come from Target. There are many wonderful things that come from wearing these tanks.

The first one is when you life up your shirt to feed you still have something covering you up and you aren’t hanging out to everyone. This also allows you to only have one thing on and not a bra plus a tank plus a shirt.

The second is the easy one handed on and off clip for nursing. While you are out in public it can get kind of hard trying to fumble around getting yourself covered, your shirt up, keeping covered, and unhooking your bra/tank to feed your baby. 

The third thing is you will get your money worth. They have a wide range in price but the 15-20 dollar ones work very well. They come in different colors also so that is nice you match with what you are wearing that day. 

I love these tanks!! I think they are so comfortable. It also gives you room to grow or when you start weaning. I would recommend trying one to make sure you are comfortable in it and really like it and if you do I would buy several!! I have about 4 to 5 that I wear which means I don’t have to do laundry every day so I have a clean tank. 

Bonus: you can wear it around the house and you are completely covered but it is still kind of sexy!!



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