My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

I’ve been missing you!!

I feel like it has been forever since I wrote my last blog. Ok, so it really has been forever since it has almost been a week. I am sorry for not being able to write this past week. I got sick, and I mean really sick. I have been kind of feeling a head cold coming for a week or so but it wasn’t really anything other then my voice a little horse. Well, it all hit and it hit hard. 

On Wednesday we were taking Austin to the Circus and Alijah was going to go hang out with Grandma. Around about 2 o’clock I started getting a headache and not just a regular headache it was right between my eyes. I also noticed that my forehead, and eye brows felt bruise. Almost like someone punch me. We already but tickets (and they were kind of expensive) for the circus so we headed over to Carthage about 40 mins away. On the way there it was hurting a little more so I took one Ibuprofen since I am nursing Alijah there isn’t too many medicines that I can take and I really don’t like taking medicine anyways. 

So, Austin, Louie and I headed out to the Circus (blog post to come). We first grabbed dinner at Braums and there I just kept holding my eyes. My eyes hurt and were burning. Luckily for the most part the headache went away while we were at the circus. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours picked up Alijah and was home by around 9ish. Then it hit hard again. I could not do anything. I made it to the chair pulled on a blanket and berried my head into a pillow. I then also had Louie put another blanket on me and just laid there for about an hour before I needed to feed and put Alijah to bed. 

In the morning I wasn’t doing to bed. My head still hurt and I still didn’t fell well but not has bad as the night before. This night we were suppose to go to a Parade in Girard and right around 2-3 o’clock I decided maybe we shouldn’t be out in the cold. My head started hurting really bad again. I decided to still go out to Louie’s parents to decorate for Austin’s Birthday Party though. There it got even worse. It was like someone hit my with a hammer. It got so bad I had to just go lay down and just cover my head. We ate dinner and then I decided we needed to go to the Quick Care. I could take another night of this pain and I really needed to be able to function since Friday was Austin’s Birthday and Saturday was his Party. 

At Quick Care I was told that I had sinusitis really bad. It was so bad that they think from the pain it cause my blood pressure to be high. They questioned if I have had problems with my blood pressure which I have not. Not even thought 2 pregnancy I never had anything even close to questionable. I have to get it retested tomorrow to make sure he goes back down. I was given a Z Pack and steroids to help and get the pain under control. I would normally not take all that while breastfeeding but I couldn’t function and I really needed to do something so I could make through this weekend. Well it kind of worked. Friday and Saturday I had a headache most of the day but it was bearable. My eyes hurt but it wasn’t enough that I couldn’t kind of ignore it. Saturday night after the party I did a good bit of resting and covering my eyes but it was a tiny bit better. Today has been about the same. The bad part is I’m done taking the steroid and the Z Pack will be finished tomorrow and I don’t think I am over this. 

O, and to top it off I had them look at Austin’s ears to check to see if they were infected and he has a double ear infections. So he is also on antibiotics to help with them. Tomorrow I have Austin’s 2 year check up. They are going to love me when I will also need them to check my blood pressure and see if the Dr can see what else I can do. Along with having them check Alijah’s weight to make sure he has gained since his last appointment. 

So very long story, but this is why I have been away from blogging. I couldn’t see straight let a long even think straight. I have a lot to catch up on here but they may not be very long. As I’m sitting here typing I can feel my hurting more.

Tomorrow I promise I will post about the Circus along with some pictures from that night. Probably on Tuesday I will be posting about Austin’s Birthday and his Birthday Party. You don’t want to miss those. I have a ton of great pictures and recommendations on a cake place a long where to buy good balloons from. 



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