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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just a week away, so I wanted to see what everyone’s Christmas Traditions are if you have any. Growing up we had a lot of traditions and did everything the same year after year and we loved it.

On Christmas Eve we would always have dinner together and while us kids were eating my mom would go lay out our new Christmas outfits on our beds. We always knew there was our Christmas outfit waiting for us when we got done eating. After we would get dressed up we would head out to Christmas Eve candle lit service. After church we then headed to my mom’s side of the family which would be had at different aunts and uncles houses every year. The was always the best time cause we all got to spend a lot of time together and catch up with all our cousins.

On Christmas Day when we woke up we always had to wake mom and dad up and wait upstairs until everyone was awake before we were allowed to go down stairs to the tree. My mom or dad would always get the video camera and then we would be allowed to run down the stairs to the see the Christmas tree and present that Santa left for us. It was always so excited to chase each other down the stairs and then search through all the gifts until we found which pile was ours.

These are traditions that I still love remembering back to every Christmas Day. I can not wait to bring some of these traditions to my boys. I started last year giving Austin Christmas pjs that I think I will continue to do this year and I think I will keep this going. Something special for the boys to look forward to every Christmas Eve. We will also be heading to the Christmas Eve service.

Louie and I decided that we will also do the surprise to see the gifts for Austin. Louie will video Austin coming into the room to see the tree and all the present that Santa left for him. I’m excited to see his face and his eyes light up when he sees it all. Last year he was still too little to understand so we didn’t’ really do Santa and I put the presents out under the tree whenever I got them wrapped. This year he doesn’t get to see any of it until Christmas Morning and i can’t wait.

What are some traditions that you had as a child that you will be carrying over to your children?



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. I bet you have great family videos of running downstairs.

  2. I’m also doing the Christmas eve pajamas for my girls. Makes for cute Christmas morning pictures!

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