My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.


I am so happy to announce that I will be helping to get a MOPS started here in Pittsburg KS. MOPS is a group for  Mother of Preschoolers. This is an amazing group that helps connect mothers of children from pregnancy through 5 years old. MOPS is a Christian based group that is chartered through a church. There is no denomination tied to the group so it can be chartered through any church type. This group reaches out to all mothers no matter their background or where they are at in life to help support each and every mother making sure that no mother is left behind.

I found this group through my sister when I was pregnant with Austin. I went to the meetings after I had him then continued by being a discussion group leader for a year and then this year I became a fill in person. I was/am attending the MOPS group in Joplin which is a 45-50 minute drive twice a month. That becomes kind of hard to do with 2 small children who like to sleep in in the mornings. The other option was in Fort Scott or Parsons which both are about the same amount away as Joplin. There is not really any mother groups in this area of small towns.

I had been looking for a church that would be interested in chartering a group since we moved over here a little over a year ago. Well, I have finally done so. I found a church that is willing and excited to charter a MOPS for us. I can not wait to really get down to planning and getting this off the ground. I know it will be a lot of work and will be a struggle at first but I can’t wait to see what God will provide for us. I’m so grateful for the great group of woman that I have to help me begin this adventure.

So with lots of prayer, lots of great woman, and lots of help from God, I can not wait to jump with both feet into bringing this amazing group to all Pittsburg mothers!!



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2 thoughts on “MOPS

  1. Congrats!!! Very proud of you!!

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