My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Alijah’s First Take at Cereal

From a few post back I was torn on when to start Alijah on cereal or rice. I was wanting to wait until at least 6 months and exclusively breastfeed him as long as I could. Well I decided to try some cereal right before Christmas. I had noticed he started really reaching for everything we were eating and drinking. Can’t take a drink any more without a little hand reaching in and grabbing your cup or straw. 

At first he was not sure at all about it. He kept giving dirty looks. He also kept his tongue towards the top of his mouth so he wasn’t helping me get the spoon in at all. Most of the cereal came out instead of going in. 







I have fed Alijah two more times since then. The second time was about the same with the same result. This last time which was tonight he really got it figured out. He was not only eating all of it he was also grabbing the spoon and helping me feed him. Alijah was also not very happy when his cereal was all gone. So I think we got the hang of it!! Well until we start veggies and fruits and then I am sure we will be starting all over again.



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