My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Decorating Cookies

The Wednesday before Christmas we had play date. We decided that we would try and decorate a few cookies. Austin hasn’t decorated cookies before so I thought they would have fun doing it. I think they mainly had fun either eating it or throwing it. Either way I think all three of them had fun. 

I gave Austin a few cookies that I had put icing on and gave him some sugar glitter a long with m&m’s to put on his cookie. Well Austin put a few sugar glitter on his cookies I think mainly to please me. Then he just ate all the m&m’s and didn’t even touch the cookie. After the m&m’s were gone then I had to tell him he could have the cookie. I think he only ate about half the cookie. Here are a few pictures from Austin’s first time decorating cookies. 





As  you can tell he enjoyed the eating part more then the decorating part. 



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