My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Gingerbread Man Cookie

I was out at Big Lots a few days before Christmas finishing up my stocking stuffer gifts and decided to get a big gingerbread man cookie for Austin to decorate. This thing was massive. It came will everything to decorate it with which was nice. I opened it all up and handed it over to Austin. He wasn’t so sure of it and I had to help him a little. While I was helping him I realized that there wasn’t anything in it that was working right. The icing was not sticking to the cookie and it was hard to even squeeze out of the plastic it was it. I added some m&m’s to the mix for him to decorate with. Well those were the first things to go. He gobbled them all up. After we kind of decorated it I broke off a piece and gave it to Austin to eat. He didn’t care for it so it was just a fun decorating time and we decided that sugar cookies were better to eat. 





I have one more decorating activity for Austin to do that I bought the day after Christmas sale so we will see if that will be any better then the last two decorating adventures. If not maybe next year he will be more into it and get it. Either way each time has been fun and he has enjoyed it which is the whole point. 



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One thought on “Gingerbread Man Cookie

  1. I remember the most recent decorating activity in my house was with my granddaughter. We rolled out the sugar cookie dough and cut out the decorations and put on all kinds of sprinkles. And afterwards used icing. Such fun!

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