My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Our Christmas Traditions of Pajamas

I had decided that I wanted to have some sort of Christmas tradition after having Austin. I liked the idea of getting Austin Christmas pj’s for him to wear to bed. So we started that last year with Austin and will continued it this year.

I again decided to wait until the last minute to find the boys pj’s. I was wanting to find matching pj’s since Austin is in 24 months and Alijah is in 3 or 6 months. Well, that did not happen at all. For one thing I had a hard finding any Christmas pj’s at all. (doesn’t help I didn’t start looking until the week before) I finally found one at JcPenneys for Austin. They didn’t have anything matching or even in Alijah’s size. I went and looked at Goody’s and found pj’s for Alijah just because I could find anything and had to settle. I then headed to Walmart and there I found similar pj’s to Alijah’s exempt that these ones actually said My First Christmas. So I decided I would go with those instead. 

My goal for next year is to buy them early and try matching if I can. Hopefully I can at least find something similar to each other. 






They also got to open up their gifts that they got each other. Austin picked out all by himself two Lamaze toys. One is Stretchy the Giraffe and the other is Sir Prance Alot!! Alijah got Austin balls that would go in his ball pit that Santa was getting him. It was crazy how well Alijah knew what Santa was bringing. 



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