My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

Two weeks before Christmas we started teaching Austin that it was going to be Baby Jesus’s birthday coming up. It was so cute when you asked him who’s birthday was coming up he would say Baby Jesus’s. We have a Little People manger scene which is super cute. Austin would get baby Jesus and show me while saying baby Jesus. It is so great seeing Austin grow and learn about Jesus and how Christmas is about his birth and not just the Santa and presents part of it. 

With that on to the presents. When Austin woke up I went and got him and asked him if he knew who had came that night. He thought about it and then said Santa. I got him out of his crib and we walked out into the family room to see all the presents under the tree. I also showed him the cookies and milk that Santa had eaten and drank a long with the carrot that the reindeer had eaten. Tonight I was talking to my sister on Skype and Austin told her that Santa ate cookies and drank milk. It was super cute. 

I thought Austin would just rip open the presents and go crazy. But instead he opened two and then just wanted to play with them. He had no interest in any of the other presents. He also got a ball pit that he loved so he just wanted to keep playing with that. It was very hard to get him to open presents. He kept handing Louie the presents telling him to open them. He helped Alijah open one present but I got to do the rest of his. So I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I thought Austin would go crazy and instead all he wanted to do was play with the 2 opened toys and forget about the rest. Austin had done so well at this birthday that I I was sure he would open them all. Maybe next year. I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the toys. I think he still is a little overwhelmed with them all. He wants to play with them all but can only play for 2 minutes before he is moving on. Like there is just to much and he can’t focus on one without thinking of the others. 

Austin got some awesome gifts from Santa. He got a ball pit that he loves!! He also got some hooded towels, Little People Airport, Mr Potato Head (he loves also), car racer track, color wonders, cars plate, Scentsy pig buddy, and a few others.

Alijah got some books, a talking book, popping giraffe, Scentsy monkey buddy, sound machine, peek a boo bunny, pajamas, and a few other things.









I think Santa took care of both boys very well this year. Thank you Santa for all the gifts and wrapping all the presents!! We can not wait until next year to see what you bring for the boys. We may have to clean out some toys if we can many more!!



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