My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Happy New Years

Happy New Years!! I want to wish everyone a great and an amazing 2013. I can’t believe that another year has past. This past year brought us a lot of great new adventures. We got to bring our second son into this world in July. Austin turned two and had a Barnyard Birthday party with lots of his friends. Alijah got to celebrate many first and can’t to celebrate more.

This year in 2013 we can not wait to see what all it has for us. Alijah is already scooting and I can’t wait to see him learn how to crawl and take off. Alijah’s first birthday will be here before we know it a long with him and Austin running around the house. Austin is starting to really talk and I can’t wait to see how much he learns and grows this year.

Louie and I are looking forward to (hopefully) taking a trip with just the two of us before we start planning our last kid. We are hoping and looking for somewhere we can relax and rejuvenate before our life gets even crazier with 3 children. If you have an ideas or suggestions please comment and let me know. We are wanting to go outside of the US since we have passports that we got when we got married and have not been able to use them yet. I know we will miss our boys like crazy but it will be a well needed vacation.



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