My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

My New Years Resolution

I don’t normally make New Years resolution but this year we as a family decided to make a few that we really wanted to implement them this year.

– Praying before dinner every night.
– Praying with Austin every night before bed time.
– Reading to Austin before nap time and bed time. (we did this all the time unil Alijah came then kind of went away)
– I am wanting to keep up with the cleaning around the house a lot better then I have.
– Eating healthier and starting a workout.

Some New Years Resolutions for my blog:

– Getting my numbers up and working on getting more products to review and giveaway.
– Working on more networking on Twitter and Facebook.
– Keeping up my posts and pictures. Thank you Louie for letting me post as much as I am.

Some things to look forward to in 2013:

– I along with 4 other Ladies getting a MOPS started in Pittsburg KS.
– Alijah’s 1st Giraffe Birthday.
– Louie and I taking our first alone vacation since our honeymoon.
– Austin’s 3rd Birthday.
– Flying back to PA with both boys by myself.
– Many more fun adventures to come!



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One thought on “My New Years Resolution

  1. I have similar goals too! Following via email and Twitter, from SITS forum.

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