My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Christmas at Grandma and Poppa Weimers’

This weekend we celebrated our Christmas with Grandma, Poppa, Aunt Cary, Uncle Joe, Audrey, and Cayla. On Sat morning Austin first went with Daddy to get his hair cut. Sometime during the night Austin must of gotten sick and throw up in bed. He never woke up or cried or anything so he ended up getting in his hair and through his bed. Louie had to give him a shower before his hair cut. All day he barely ate anything. He got a few crackers down but that was it. Austin also passed on some meatballs for lunch so we knew he wasn’t feeling good. Not sure what was wrong though because he was playing and running around like nothing was wrong. I have no idea where he got the energy since he hadn’t eaten anything all day. For dinner he did get a little but of Pizza but not much. He drank a lot of water from my water bottle so he at least got some fluids. Today he hasn’t eaten as much but again he seems fine other then a little warmer. Hopefully he isn’t getting anything really bad and is fighting off the little sickness that he has. We will see what tomorrow brings. 

Back to Christmas, we got over to grandma and poppa’s house around noon. Austin got right to work playing with all the Little People toys that grandma had out. Around one or so Aunt Cary, Uncle Joe, Audrey, and Cayla got there and we sat down to eat. Cayla is a week older then Austin and Audrey is just a year and a half older then both of them so they play really well together. Cayla and Austin look a lot a like. They are both about the same size and build. Cayla’s hair has gotten a lot blonder then Austin’s but that is really the biggest difference. 

After lunch we got to open presents. Austin did really well opening presents. He opened them all with out to much of wanting everything out and playing with it. Alijah ate and fell asleep so he got to lay in his car seat (only place to lay him down with out waking him) while all the crazy opening was going on. His got piled up for him to open when we got up. 

Austin got a new work bench and a lot of tools to go with it. He also received some books, shirts, cars, and a few other toys. Austin also got a dump truck he loves from Audrey and Cayla.

Alijah got some awesome Steeler shirts and sleeper, along with some stacking bowls, some toys, and a big block play cube. (not sure of the name) Alijah also got a super cute monkey toy from Audrey and Cayla.

After we opened presents we went into the man cave and the kids played some games with Grandma. After each game they got a prize. Austin did well until after the second gift that he loved. He refused to open any other gift. Grandma would ask him and he was say no I not! So he opened those up today after nap. 

We had a great time with Grandma and Poppa!! It was also great to see Aunt Cary, Uncle Joe, Audrey and Cayla. Austin, Alijah, Daddy and Mommy all loved our gifts!! I need to know reorganize my family room and basement. We have to many toys and not sure where to put it all. Austin and Alijah love playing with all of them though. Austin has even learned to not share because they are all his!! We will be working on that this year. He was a great sharer until we got all these new toys and now he is the only one who can play with them. I can understand that feeling. I always want to be the only one to play with the toy for the first several times before sharing. 








Thank you Grandma and Poppa for another great Christmas. The boys love everything the got. Thank you for great lunch, dinner, and breakfast!! We love you and can’t wait for you to see the picture for your frame!



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