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Tweenz Hair Product Review

I got to try out this new all natural shampoo and conditioner. Tweenz is a natural hair care product that is fortified with Nano Vitamins. I was very excited to try a new shampoo and conditioner on the boys hair. As you have seen from pictures my boys have a lot of hair.



A little about the Tweenz Natural Oil Shampoo and Organic Extract Leave-in Conditioner. They both are fortified with Nano Vitamins A, D, E, and F. The benefit to the Nano Vitamins is that it allows better absorption and faster penetration to the roots, scalp and hair. Tweenz is also Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, No Artificial Dyes, and Cruelty Free. It was really nice to see right on the front of the bottles all of the harsh chemicals taken out of the product. Tweenz Natural oil Shampoo instnatly smooths rough hair for a healthy, lustrous shine. All of Tweenz products are made here in the USA!! The shampoo is a Twisted Passon Fruit/Mango Fragrance and it is great!! Not only just coming from the bottle but the smell from my boys hair was amazing. I wanted to just sit there and smell Alijah’s hair all night. The conditioner is a Twisted Mango/Papaya Fragrance. It too has a great smell. It isn’t as strong as the shampoo but has a really nice fruity airy smell to it.

I tried the Natural Oil Shampoo on both boys hair. I first washed Alijah’s hair with it. I washed his hair and then just towel dried it and used my hand to brush down his hair. This shampoo is really good for his hair. It was very smooth and frizz free. Since he turns his head a lot the back of his hair is very broken and rough. After just using the shampoo one time I noticed a big difference and all of it was silky smooth. It also helped it from getting all matted through the night as he slept on it. I think Tweenz Natural Oil Shampoo worked better then any other shampoo that I have used in Alijah’s hair to this day.



Austin’s hair I used the Natural Oil Shampoo and the Organic Extract Leave-in Conditioner. Austin’s hair is very thick but very healthy. I noticed that the Shampoo was a little harder to get out of his hair. I had to really wash out his hair to get all the soap out. So it created a really good lather but hard to get out his hair. We then towel dried his hair and added the Conditioner to it. The Conditioner really helped control his hair. Austin also gets a bath/shower at night and normally after sleeping on his hair it is a mess and I am always wetting it down. When I used both the Shampoo and Conditioner it really helped keep it nice and I didn’t have to do much with his hair other then the normal spiking we do with it. I was very pleased with the Leave-in Conditioner with Austin. The smell of both the shampoo and conditioner was also very nice. It really matched each other and was not over power at all.





Austin refused to let me get a good picture of his hair after I finished fixing it so here you get two silly pictures including Austin upside down.

I decided to also try these products on my hair. I thought since it was all natural and good enough for the kids I would see what it did for my hair. My hair is thick and very straight. It is very hard to find a good shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t weigh down or cause my hair to be extra greasy. I was pleasantly surprised with how the Tweenz shampoo and Conditioner worked in my hair. I used the Shampoo as directed. I did not put in any conditioner in my hair in the shower so that I could try the leave in conditioner. I could not believe that I was able to brush my hair with just using the shampoo. I always have to use conditioner and sometimes I have to use it twice to be able to brush it with out pulling half my hair out. I towel dried my hair first and then put in Tweenz Organic Extract Leave-in Conditioner. It worked really well in my hair. It was not heavy nor was it extra greasy. After I dried my hair I was pretty impressed with how it looked. I am always afraid of using leave in conditioner that it would make my hair greasy and it would look really bad or that my hair would not last long before looking like I hadn’t washed it. This did not happen at all. I fixed my hair with Tweenz on New Years Eve and it lasted all night. I never even had to put my hair up at all, it really surprised me on how it held up and looked.


Quick side note: I am not sure if this is tear free. I was very careful in applying and washing it out of the boys hair. They are still working on this product and have not tested that as of yet.

I would highly recommend Tweenz Natural Hair Care Products for your children and for yourself. It worked to my complete satisfaction for Austin, Alijah, and my hair. I will be using Tweenz for now on, on all three of our hair.

There is three easy ways to check out Tweenz. First one is their Facebook Tweenz page. Go like their page so that you can keep up with their products and their awesome giveaways. Second is by following Tweenz on Twitter. Another great way to know what products they are working on a long with giveaways that they are having. Third is their Twist n Locs webpage. At Twist N Locs you can also see what other products they have and where they are distributed from. Now is the time to head on over to the Facebook page and Like them and don’t forget to Follow them on Twitter so you don’t miss out on any awesome giveaway and products!!




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