My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Austin Praying!

I have such an awesome son. For one of our family New Years Resolution we had decided that we needed to start praying together at dinner. Austin over heard that and ever since then as soon as we get dinner on the table Austin asked to pray. It is the cutest thing. He either says pray mommy or pray dada with his hands hold together and his head already bowed down. We have been holding hands so now he has to say who’s hand he is holding as well. 

Tonight was Louie was praying Austin started repeating a word here and there that Louie would say. Kind of like he was praying as well. When we finish our prayer and say Amen he always very proudly says Amen!! I think this little boy so much. He is growing up to be such a great little man. God knew what kind of son I needed and blessed me with the perfect child. He tests and working on terrible twos but I still can’t complain for he is better way more then he is pushing the limits. 

I also got a great compliment the other day that I have to share. A lady told me that she could not believe how well behaved Austin was. That Austin listened so well for only being two. She could not believe how well he talked and could also communicate. That compliment ment so much. I fell very proud that I am doing my job and raising a very caring loving little boy. I hope that I can continue to mold and shape him into a great young man that one day will make his wife the happiest woman and treat her better then any woman could hope for.

I love you Austin!!.



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