My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Snow Day

Last night we got some rain, ice, and snow. Austin was so excited about the snow. We showed him the big snow flakes that were coming down and he could not wait to play in it. This is the first snow that Austin has been able to play in. When Austin was 2 months old we got a huge snow in February that actually got stuck at my mom’s house for about a week we got so much snow. Then last year it never snowed more then maybe a small dusting that was gone very quickly. This snow is the second of this winter. The first one was enough to be on the ground and Austin see it but was gone by noon. 

While it was snowing last night we took Austin out once to see it up close and he loved it. He kept wanting to go out in it. I asked him if he wanted to catch one on his nose. He wasn’t so sure about that at first but he liked it once I got him out there. I took him out and carried him like a baby so that his face was facing up and he could see the snow flakes come down to his face. He did enjoy that. He kept talking about it getting his nose.

Today when I got up Austin could not wait to play in the snow. Louie had told him not until I got up. So after lunch and Alijah went down for him nap we all got bundled up. I don’t have snow suit or anything for Austin so we layered. He had one his footed fleece pjs, pants, long sleeve shirt, hooded light jacket, his winter jacket, gloves, and hat on. He was all ready to do out. 











Austin LOVES the snow. He had so much fun playing in it. We didn’t have any type of sled so we tried the trash can lid but it didn’t work very well. It was a perfect size for him to sit in but it didn’t really slide at all. I’ll have to buy one when it goes on clearance for next year. 

I think I say many more trips out in the snow when we get it. The only bad part about it is that I hate the snow and cold. I grew up in Pennsylvania and had lots of snow and cold winters. I even lived through two back to back blizzards but I do not like it at all. I would be perfectly fine staying in by the fireplace then being outside in the cold. I think I will have to make sure that Louie is home when it snows to take Austin out or figure out a way not to have to go out in it very much. 



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