My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Fun Lazy Saturday

Today was a nice fun, relaxing, lazy day for us. In just a weeks time Austin, Alijah, and myself will be flying up to PA so it was nice to have a relaxing day before the crazy busy week happens. This morning Austin got up around 9 this morning and Louie played with him until Alijah and I got up around 10:30. When we came out I noticed a big fort in the middle of the family room. Louie had taken our reclining chair and used two blankets to cover it to make a big fort. Inside the fort it had all kinds of his toys in there. He showed me his door to get in and we crawled in and he showed me his animals and tracks.

We then got to take Austin to see baby goats. He was so excited and could not wait to see them. He talked about being able to pet it and tickle it. Once we got there he was all excited and he petted it and tickled them and then he kind of got scared and wanted on the outside of the gate. From there he got to see the babies jumping and playing. A few of them were also eating and sleeping he really liked watching all of them. Austin didn’t want down from that point on but was tell us what they were all doing. He even decided to that he wanted to bring one home, or take one to papa’s house. I said no animals until he wasn’t scared of them anymore. Austin also got to see some ponies while we were there. He wasn’t brave enough to pet those ones. He just kept saying he wanted to see the neigh’s.

After nap I thought we would have a picnic in the family room. Austin loved that idea. Him and I went and picked up some dinner while Alijah laid down for a nap and Louie was in the shower. Austin wanted fishies so he got Long John’s Silver, Louie got Subway and I got Arby’s. I got back and set up a blanket down on the floor. I then let Austin pick a movie out. It was between Lorax and Madagascar 3 and he picked Lorax so that is what we watched while we were having our picnic.

I believe today was a very successful fun filled day. It was not our norm but well worth it.





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