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Magnetic Chalkboard

I had bought some chalk paper a couple of months back off of ebay. I had a couple of ideas what I wanted to do with it but I really didn’t have anytime to do anything with it until this weekend. I had gotten new cookie sheets for Christmas. I also had a few that was very well used and time to get rid of them. That is when the idea hit me to make it a magnetic chalkboard for Austin. 

What you need:

Old Cookie sheet any size, spray paint, and chalk board paper

How to:

I took my clean cookie sheet out side and started spray painting it. This was my first time spray painting and it was really easy to do. I had bought from Walmart Krylon indoor/outdoor metal, wood, wicker, more gloss Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint. The second one I got was the Krylon Fusion for plastic, metal, wood, wicker, more gloss orange. Both of these said to dry between 10-15 minutes or less. 

I first put the pan upside down and put it on a rock with a plate on it to hold the cookie sheet off of the ground and plate is to keep it from getting dirty off the rock. I sprayed one side of the cookie sheet outside and then let it dry. I then added a second coat to it. This is will depend on how the paint sticks to the metal. Image




After that side dries you want to turn it over and spray the other side. The key on this side is to make sure you get the edges really well in the top. The middle part isn’t as important since it will be covered in the end. Image



Again I did two coats on the front to make sure I covered all of the metal cookie sheet. 

After all of it dried I brought it inside. I then measured out the chalk paper to fit on the inside of the pan. This is your preference on if you want to go up the sides or just around the bottom of it. I did up the sides so I first folded the sheet in half and then rounded the corners so that it would fit in the corner. 




After you get it all measured out you want to go ahead and stick it to the bottom of the cookie sheet. You may need an extra set of hands to help you get it straight. Also try to keep as many air bubbles out as possible. If you do get air bubbles you can work them out with a credit card and push them to one side and then let them out. 



The last step is to prime the chalk paper. Take a piece of chalk and on its side go across the whole piece of paper. This is what it should look like. 



After you get it like this you can then wipe it off with paper towel and then use a little bit of water to clean it off and you are ready to go. 



Austin has been loving this. It is really easy for him to get to and play on with out making a mess. He can also take it from room to room and can go where ever he wants it to. I also bought him the alphabet in magnets so that he can play with those and make words and learn the alphabet while playing. 






Between the two spray paints the Blue Ocean Breeze (last picture) covered the cookie sheet the best. When I do another project with spray paint I will make sure to buy this kind again. Over all the cookie sheets I was going to through away so they were free, spray paint was less then $4 a piece, and the chalk paper on starts at just over $4 dollars and I still have 3/4 of the roll let. So for these two project right around $10 dollars for two magnetic chalk boards. 



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