My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

I’m Back

As you can tell I have been away for a few weeks. I got a chance to be able to take Austin and Alijah back to Pennsylvania to visit with some family. We were able to get really good deals from Southwest Airlines a few months back. I got round trip tickets for $146 which is crazy cheap. Austin had to get his own seat this trip since he was over 2. Alijah was my lap baby for this trip.

I had flown a few times with Austin and he always did really well. He would nurse and sleep pretty much the whole time we were on the plane. I only really remember him being awake for one flight and he stood in the seat and played with the lady behind us. Even our three hour flight to San Diego last May he did really well.

This flight I had no idea what to think or do. I knew Austin would do really well. Wasn’t sure how sitting in his seat with a seat belt would go over for the whole flight but I knew he would be good and his ears wouldn’t hurt him at all. Alijah on the other hand I had no idea what he would be like. Well let’s just say he is not as good of a flyer as Austin is.

Alijah was tired for both flights so my plan was to feed him and then he could sleep the whole flight. Just like Austin did. Well this did not happen. He nursed and fell asleep for about 10 to 15 minutes and then was awake the rest of the time. Most of which he was very fidgety and not wanting to be held. He is very happy either being down and crawling everywhere or wants to be in your arms but you have to be standing. None of these you can do on a plane. So I know I had a few unhappy people around me on the plan with a crying off and on baby. It is hard to make a baby happy when they don’t want to be awake or held or stuck in one spot. Alijah wasn’t too bad until our flight from Chicago to Kansas City coming home. On that flight he wanted to nurse but I didn’t really have anything left since he just ate so he was bad and frustrated about that. Then he didn’t want to be held and cried about that. I couldn’t not get Austin to play with him and make him laugh at all. So after that flight i have to say I do not think I will taking both boys by myself on a plane for some time.

Austin again did great. He loved sitting in the seat by himself. He didn’t care much for the seat belt but did keep in on with no problem. He got to play the iPad during the flight so he was all good to go. He got some pretzels and water and sat there like a biggie boy.

So for everyone who is reading this. Next time I say I want to fly with the boys somewhere remind me of this post and to reread it before I book any plane rides.



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One thought on “I’m Back

  1. I’m sorry that Alijah gave you a hard time. I give you all the credit for even attempting to fly with 2 little ones by yourself. Thank you so much for dealing with the hard part in order for us to enjoy a wonderful time with you and the boys.

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