My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

Our Trip to Pennsylvania

The boys and I had a very busy 10 day trip up to visit family in Pennsylvania. We left on the 26th and got into Pittsburgh around 5pm. My dad picked us up at the airport. My dad got to hold Alijah while I waited for my bags and car seats. My dad was very surprised when I kept bring bags over. It only took three bags and two car seats for the three of us. I thought I was doing pretty well getting everything needed into only three bags.

Austin and Alijah was so excited to see his Pap Pap and Aunt Kelly, Uncle Ed, Issy (Alissa), Ty Ty (Tyler), and Ka Ka (Kaleb). Austin got right to playing with his cousins. Luckily they got to stay awake to see us even though we didn’t get in until around 9pm. Austin took a little bit of time to warm up but then got right to playing with everyone. He really attached to Issy. I was a lot of fun seeing him want to play and ask to play with her over and over.

With in a few days of being there Austin would wake up asking to play with Issy or Ty Ty. I would have to tell him that they are both in school. He could not wait until after nap for the kids to come home and play with him. Austin also loved the fact that for naps I let him sleep in my bed and got to snuggle with momma for a little bit. He really loved this part. He still talked about sleeping in mommies bed today.

The kids wanted to hold Alijah all the time. The last time they saw Alijah he was only a few weeks old. Now he is crawling and standing and all over the place. He isn’t much for being held anymore so he really wasn’t much for it. Kaleb did a great job being able to hold Alijah and walking around with him. He really was able to hold him and keep him happy for us.

Over all I think we had a really busy but crazy fun ten days. I know that Austin will be talking about his cousins and visit to PA for a long time. Thank you Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ed for helping us to come up and letting us visit you guys. Thank you for everything and we greatly appreciate it. We love you and can’t wait to see you guys again.



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One thought on “Our Trip to Pennsylvania

  1. You’re welcome! Thank you so much for coming. We miss you all and can’t wait for next time…

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