My crazy but yet normal life with 2 boys.

My Poor Computer

My poor desktop computer has died. I came home from my trip and the desktop is not working. We keep getting an error on the desktop and then says it will shut off in 15 seconds. So the big problem with that is I do not have a computer to download my pictures or videos to. I luckily was using Carbonite to back up all of my files so I have all my pictures but I will not have very many to post on here like I usually do until we get that fixed or figure out what else we want to do. I’ll try and make sure I take more pictures from my phone and iPad so that I can still get a few pictures on here.

So the real question is should we replace the desktop or should we get a new laptop. We do have a laptop that the light went out of it. Maybe we should finally see what it would cost to fix the light compared to a new computer.

I am also so glad that we decided to install and get Carbonite on our computer. We knew it was only a matter of time before the desktop was going to die. It had been acting up for sometime. If you do not have all your files and pictures backed up to something please look into some program that backs up all your files just in case something happens to your computer. I would be devastated if I had lost all of my pictures from both my boys, my wedding, everything.



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